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Stefan Hofmann, the mastermind behind Spacecraft and co-founder of Electric Coffin, is above all a storyteller. 

photo: Chase Jarvis

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His work, artistic and otherwise, is a jolting distillation of known imagery, pop culture and society at its most absurd.  It is worth mentioning that he deftly operates within an industry that can be indifferent to current issues. A man who has shined the brightest light on iconography, Stefan is now the maker of icons; his snowcat and post apocalyptic muscle cars to name but a few, have become beacons.  He enjoys “creating these narrative structures with multiple levels of meaning. Each image a vignette from a larger unfolding story. I work to capture the concise moment of transition in these stories capable of translating insight and change into this space.”  And due to that vision, our world is a far more interesting place.

 Bats One & Two | Acrylic on Hand-turned Ash Bats | 2015

In a great many ways Stefan’s vision aligns perfectly with ours; we are both here to tell a story in the best way that we know how, through art. “The visual enunciation of ideas represents the most ubiquitous form of communication,” he says.  

It is with great respect and honor that we weave our stories together by welcoming Asymbol’s newest artist, Stefan Hofmann. 


Nowhere | Acrylic on wood panel | 2015


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