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One way to the explain the interesting parts of a person is to use clever parrallels, something along the lines of "he snowboards like a someone who hasn't seen the ER yet." Or there is the almighty metaphor,"this kid has the heart of a lion with the style of a golf caddy."  

It could be said that Blake Paul is like this thing or that thing, that he is similar to this person or reminds you of that. Though all of these are certainly true, the most compelling path is the straightest one.  The best way to know Blake Paul is to travel the direct line from who he is now back to where he came from.

Being a snowboarder in Jackson Hole, especially if you came up under the tutelage of Jeff Moran, Brian “Cutter” James and Rich Goodwin, means that having a hyper-vibrant sense of humor is paramount. A mountain raises a rider just as much as a parent does. The Tetons are benevolent but unforgiving benefactors. Just about every Wyo rider has those two things in common: a fluency in the silly and a respectful approach to an untamable mountain.

Blake is the epitome of that upbringing. He works when work needs to be done without ever losing track of the good times. He is unbelievably smart and creative, not only as a rider (which is why he stands head and shoulders above the fray), but most importantly, as a human. That is why Mr. Paul's influence on the snowboard community will endure long after he lands his jumps and reaps all kinds of proddy. That is also why Asymbol is beyond honored to introduce Blake as our newest guest curator. And without further ado, we hand the mic over to B. Proddy…

 "After winter wrapped up, and the traveling settled down, I made my annual spring return to Jackson Hole for a bit. Nestled right downtown, is the snow/surf/skate-inspired gallery known as Asymbol. Their purpose is to assemble the like-minded artists who share a passion for expression, innovation and adventure. “We created Asymbol to honor the image makers whose passion fires our imaginations and captures our spirit of wanderlust.” The kind ladies from Asymbol, Josi Stephens and Ashley Rice, asked me to come by and do a curation of all things that I liked and appreciated in the gallery. I enjoy looking at things. It's as simple as that. Whether it's people, art, photographs, objects, clothing, honestly it can be whatever. Your mind can become a product of your environment. Having amazing art, pictures, the style of clothing and product you like, around can add flavor to your life. Walking around the Asymbol gallery put me into a cool deep mindset and brought tons of feelings into my brain. All of the artists and pieces featured are truly unique. It’s inspiring to look at their work and get personally moved by it. Here’s what stood out at me and made me feel that certain way."


 Obsolete Dreams - Corey Smith



I picked this piece because I am into Skeletons and space. Just two things I’ve always admired. It was my first pick, the first thing that stood out at me when I browsed around the gallery. Maybe it’s the heavy gloss finish or the simple black and creamy white colors. It’s symbolic to me in a few ways. With N.A.S.A ‘s government funding becoming reduced in the past few years, many humans think that space exploration is gone and N.A.S.A is shut down. When it is actually alive and well, as one of the government's independently run agencies. To me, the dead skeletons in the piece represent the naïve humans thinking space exploration is no more. Humanity seems to be very sheltered from information about space. All involved in this tiny place we call Earth, when there is infinite galaxies, planets, stars, and just empty space out there. There’s a lot of information and wonder out in that vast darkness.


Indicators – Trent Mitchell


Subconsciously humans are affected by water. Whether it’s being in it, on it, around it, or in this case simply looking at it. There’s a science behind the fact that being subjected to water can bring happiness, relive stress, allow a stronger connection to ones self, and ultimately help you becoming better at what you do. I suggest reading the book “Blue Mind” by Wallace J. Nichols if you have a love for water in anyway.

This piece gives me a calming feeling. But also puts out an impression of escalation, as the wave is just about to break. This photo really extenuates that simple “moment caught in time” vibe that most great photographers can portray through their imagery.  


Tunnel Vision-Vernon Deck



Mike Ravelson is one of my closest friends I’ve met through snowboarding. Every time we get together, we have an awesome energy to go out, skate, ride, be creative, and just generally do whatever. He’s an insanely talented rider. Standing out today, as one of the more unique snowboarders in the industry. I respect nothing more in people that have their own individual style, that stay true to what they want to do no matter what other people think. This image portrays just that about Mike.


Partners In Crime -Ten Hundred


This piece stood out to me because it’s completely obscure. It reminds me of when I draw, how my mind just wonders, random things happening with no control. When you look at it you kind of just say “What the fuck?” in you’re head. Also the pink bird has a cool backpack and shoes.


The Other Girl – Jamie Lynn


Jamie’s blue girls have become such iconic pieces. I like how “The Other Girl” feels like a new take on a classic. I’ve always loved character in art, faces and expressions. This girl almost looks like a beautiful dream. From the swirls in her hair to the way she is just deeply starring into nothing. I will never take for granted the time I get to spend with Jamie, true legend!


Breathing Light – Scott Lenhardt


I appreciate any art that comes with a story and a purpose. It brings so much more meaning to the piece. This one being about a girl and a break up hits even harder than most. It is very relatable to anyone that has ever fallen in love. You can really tell Scott painted this out of feeling. It hits me in a certain way, after just breaking up with my first love and having to move out of her house. That knife that the girl is holding and the reflection it has in her eye. That gives me an intense gut drop feeling.  



A Playground – Danny Zapalac



            This photo really exerts a certain feeling from snowboarding, a feeling of bliss. How the rider is sprawled out on his back at the bottom of a powdery track. It shows that connection we have as snowboarders to powder. To me the playground represents that snowboarding is really just playing on a piece of wood. This piece also portrays how accessible snowboarding can really be. All you need as a hill and some snow. Doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are. The mix of the blue sky, red slides, and golden yellow light soothes the eye.


Base Camp – Andrew Miller


I just recently met Andrew Miller this winter, after seeing his amazing photographs from all over the world. He is quiet, calm, and collected, very professional but also fun to be around. I love how he has stood out in snowboard photography by taking that step away from normal action and trick based shots. This is a very inspiring image; it gives the viewer a feeling of what’s really out there in the world.



Asymbol Crew Sweatshirt


I’m into simple looking clothing pieces and small logos; people are not billboards. The Asymbol logo is small and rests in a unique way on the arm. The logo and name represents a community of artists and photographers, all brought together into this inner creative circle.


(The picks below are only available in our Jackson Hole gallery)



AI WEIWEI – Middle Finger T-Shirt


I enjoy the look of photos on clothing. I think that it’s cool to represent art rather than a brand. This photo of the middle finger puts out a statement, which makes it interesting to wear.


Gold Lomography Camera


I don’t know if there are many people out there that would think a gold camera is not cool. I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen one. This gold fish-eye 35mm camera bridges the gap between trendy and unique.


Field Notes


Everybody has thoughts, feelings, and insights that happen everyday. I think it’s important to write those things down. Good way to learn from yourself and you’re environment around you. Doodle, draw, write poems, thoughts, whatever. Escape from you’re day. Get off your phone and connect more with you’re mind. 


Leather Keychain


Love the simple leather with brass look. I hate having keys in my pocket making a bulge; this is the perfect thing to attach them to your belt loop or whatever. There is also a feeling you get when you walk with a little jingle in your step.