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The Tetons have that effect on people, the ‘I want to paint it, conquer it, photograph it, leave my life and live here forever’ kind of effect. There is a surplus of things that we take for granted but when the Tetons are your back yard, geography is not one of them. Anchoring the wild expanse of Wyoming (and Idaho), the Teton Range is an honest to god Mordor and its highest peak, The Grand, is without a doubt ‘The Precious’.


Iuna Tinta 

As people of Jackson there is no shortage of Teton inspired art, yet when we saw Swiss artist Iuna Tinta’s take on the Grand we had to have it.  Painted with acrylic on canvas, the piece is wild with color and texture, drama and magnificence. Iuna’s continuing reverence for the natural world and its hold on us brings a heartbreakingly beautiful representation of our most beloved mountain range. It is with great pride that we present our newest addition, “The Grand” by Iuna Tinta.

The Grand

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