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"The art always wins."-Ai Weiwei

Luck of the draw and some serious perseverance on the part of a Jackson curator has brought acclaimed artist Ai Weiwei’s Zodiac Heads to the National Museum of Wildlife Art here in Wyoming.  Juxtaposed against Jackson Hole’s famous landscape, the 10 foot bronze heads loom like a silent menagerie, goofy and strangely serious at the same time.  The recreation of these ancient Chinese artifacts that were looted and lost to time has continued to nurture the bad blood that flows between the artist and his nation.  As innocuous as they seem to many, the Zodiac Heads represent a very heavy statement about repatriation and mimicry. 

"Art is life, life is art." -Ai Weiwei

 Ai Weiwei is one of the most influential and controversial artists alive today. His stand for freedom of expression and human rights, in opposition to the Chinese government, has landed him in prison on several occasions, while his movements are highly restricted and under heavy government surveillance. 

Friends Of Free Expression is an organization that is dedicated to furthering the message of Ai Weiwei and has chosen Asymbol as an outlet for a selection their merchandise.  This is a great honor for one very important reason: we believe very strongly that art and the creation of art is a basic freedom that every single human should have.  Not allowed to leave China and in a constant state of danger, Ai Weiwei continues to give the middle finger to the repressors of artistic expression.   If in any way, however small, Asymbol can support him and his message, we do so with not just him in mind but with everyone. 

 Never sorry.

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