The Frozen Chase: A Book Of Self-Portraits by Mike Basich June 01 2015, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

The closest thing to a road map for how to live right might be the story of Mike Basich.  It goes like this: be yourself, snowboard like a bat out of hell, make money, save money, spend money on own personal garden of Eden, build tiny house, build chairlift, dream up and produce a book of photographs of ones self reveling in snow and fun, have a furry dog, be approachable and humble, or something along those lines.


One of snowboarding’s most enduring personalities, Basich has produced a book of self-portraits called The Frozen Chase.  Not surprisingly it is filled with solid shots of snowboarding and out door shenanigans.  What makes this book special is the front seat view of a life lived on the snow and a lo-fi, organic take on photography.  Mike split the book in to three parts, film, digital and GOPro, all executed with his DIY methods of crafting pov and portraiture.  The Frozen Chase bounces between classic action shots, fun loving lifestyle pics and unique points of view. 


For a man who lives his life in the mountains “life has no real time frame and is constantly random and exciting”.   This book captures 15 years in the life of a snowboarder, craftsman and wild spirit who has positioned himself perfectly to chase whatever he feels inside, frozen, thawed and everything in between. 

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