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Thursday, February 26th, was the first night of a nearly two month run of Asymbol art lining evo walls. An action sports mecca in Seattle, evo is a hub in the Fremont neighborhood for apparel, art, equipment and it's maintenance. 

   evo Seattle: Show Time

For the past few months we have been working in tandem with evo to put together a show of Asymbol artists to hang in both Seattle and Portland. The evo crew, helmed by the tireless Chris Shalbot, bent over backwards to welcome us and our artists, making the work infinitely more enjoyable.

   iuna tinta's Koma Kulshan.

The walls of the evo gallery are now a (temporary) home to the legends of the actions sports industry, Adam Haynes, Jamie Lynn, Matt French, Corey Smith and Mike Parillo. Along side these iconic painters are two new Asymbol artists, Ten Hundred and iuna tina who completed the collection perfectly.

  Ten Hundred's Tangled 2.

 The result is a riot of color, movement and beauty, Wandering Eyes encapsulates the past and the future of art in snowboarding.

   Jamie brings the goods.

If there was ever a 'you had to be there' moment, this was it. Jamie, Corey, Matt and Ten Hundred wandered the floors with fans, fellow artists and every other beautiful person in Seattle. It was a party and if you missed it...there's always Portland.

  evo transformed. 

For more info on the pieces in show and how to make them yours take a trip over to our website.

Chase Jarvis, Ten Hundred with their lovely gals.                                                        


Excerpt from Wandering Eyes: A Show Of Asymbol Originals


Salad Days by Matt French


Tantalizer & Eight Ball by Mike Parillo

 Elders by iuna tinta

Beauty & The Beast by Jamie Lynn

Capoeira by Ten Hundred

 Obsolete Dream 1&2 by Corey Smith 

Runnels by Adam Haynes

To view complete collection and purchase prints or originals go to