Must be love: Welcome Ten Hundred and iuna tinta to Asymbol February 23 2015, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

         The act of bringing someone new into the Asymbol fold is like falling in love.  You don't really need someone, life is way too busy, you are already complete, there is barely time for what is already there've got to have it.  Everything they do is good and god damn, they are so perfect.  Not perfect for everyone, but perfect for us.  
        The Asymbol office is home to a million ideas and "we should do this" moments, most of which rest on the back burner while we tend to a fire that flickers and rages.  A collaboration with evo (keepers of the PNW flame) on a show of originals has given us a chance to nurture some of these ideas.  One of which is an artist that goes by the alias Ten Hundred, the other, a Swiss painter called iuna tinta.   Mapping out the Wandering Eyes show gave us a chance to bring in new artists that can do the impossible, flesh out a bulletproof lineup.  
        A large part part of this job is making fantasy a reality. When you get a chance to live out a dream, it is good medicine to do so.  For us, the dream of Wandering Eyes was to create a show that brought vision, skill, craft and fearlessness on to the same plane.  Asymbol artists Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, Matt French, Corey Smith and Adam Haynes hold the highest places in our culture, as artists, athletes and creators. Finding new people to join these ranks requires nothing short of love.  Along side iuna tinta, Ten Hundred joins Asymbol in bringing in another chapter of art and community.  It must be love....
Meet iuna tinta:
iuna tinta (Corinne Weidmann) is a bridge between illustration and art, with a pinch of typography thrown in.
"I’m a nomadic Swiss-born artist, who has spent the last few years living in Costa Rica and Canada while producing board designs and artwork for Roxy Snowboards, Quiksilver, Red Bull and others. I’m inspired by the colours and shapes of pre-Columbian America, dark northern fairytales and the representations of animals in Japanese Shintoism. I have always been interested in foreign art, but it’s only a few years ago when I went back to my own roots.
I became very affected by Swiss folk art as well as the landscape of the country itself. Living abroad probably makes you become more aware of where you come from but also of what shaped you are as a person. Everything that happens in life, is a source that influences you eventually, and since I’ve spent most of my years in Switzerland, it’s not a big surprise that for example the mountains affect my work so much."
And Ten Hundred:

Ten Hundred (Peter Robinson) is an artist and designer from Seattle, WA. He was born raised in Michigan and moved around the United States before settling in Seattle in 2006. He specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work. He is inspired by cartoons and anime, street art and graffiti, childlike imagination, comics, world cultures, religions, and folklore. He spends his time creating fine art, gallery shows, clothing, toys and figurines, designing art for businesses, and creating large murals. Recently he has done work with Nordstrom, Converse, Jet Blue, Caffe Vita, Sasquatch Music Festival and more. Ten Hundred is creating his own alternate reality one piece of art at a time.


 Please join us in welcoming Peter and Corinne to the Asymbol team.  The future has never looked so bright...and covered in paint.  
More about Peter "Tenhundred" Robinson here.
More about iuna tinta here.