A Ride Down Memory Lane: The History of The #passitonproject January 14 2015, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

As we prepare to unleash the new 2015 #passitonproject board into the world, we thought it was a good time take a little walk through the history of this brave board and its journeys thus far. 

This is the video - and the board - that started it all, back in 2013. 

It began as a way to connect riders with the world, their heroes, and most importantly, each other.   The initial idea was to take an old board of Travis’ and send it off into the universe and see what happened.  Naturally it needed to be a Lib Tech, the company that makes boards for the people, by the people. T Rice thought it would be way more interesting to use his next years board, the Speedodeeps pro model for the project.  With this special piece of equipment, a dream became a reality, one that's evolved every year since then.  

The original project was about building a bridge between snowboarders by encouraging our comrades to ride the hell out of it and find a worthy friend to pass it on to, all the while telling a story about where it went and what it meant to them.  It has been this and so much more.  

The second year #passitonproject board ripping Japow lines.

 Do you remember your first board?  Chances are it was passed down to you from someone.  Maybe, like it was in my case, it came to you from the person that got you stoked to ride.  Perhaps the board felt like it was already infused with magic, seeing that it was already broke in, the baseplates scratched into the top sheet, your screws nearly stripped.  Boards will come and go but this one lives in your heart for eternity and you will give it name.  If you're our friend and writer Melissa Larsen, it will be “The Precious” and no other board will compare. 

Fredi Kalbermatten takes his turn with the #passitonproject board in Switzerland


That is precisely why this experience is so amazing; the snowboard comes to you already loaded with mojo and ready to ride.  When you put this thing on snow, it will have already been under the feet of people who truly love nothing more than riding.  

With the new, one-of-a-kind Jamie Lynn designed snowboard about to be set free to roam the planet, Asymbol and Lib Tech have two hopes for what lies ahead.  1) We want this project to connect our community and foster the best parts of snowboarding -- truckloads of fun and epic adventures.  And 2) We truly hope to see this board blaze a path all around the world spreading the message of loving what you do, doing what you love and passing that stoke on to friends who will do the same.


Jamie infused the 2014 #passitonproject board with Mt. Baker mojo.

*All images are from the #passitonproject image gallery.  Check them out here!