The Dirty End: A Show Of New Mike Parillo Originals January 04 2015, 1 Comment « Back to Blog

Mike Parillo's Dirty End Of The Rainbow show at Asymbol was the kind of opening party that you always hope to have.  Wall-to-wall with friends, artists, fans, patrons, and curious travelers, the room was bursting with good vibes and great times.  Mike's homecoming was so much more than just a visit and a show, it was the reunion with a company that he helped found and a chance to see how much it has grown.  

View the complete 'Dirty End Of The Rainbow' collection

This was his first time in the new Asymbol gallery space and was the first show of his originals that our new walls have seen.  To say that it was a special night would be a huge understatement.  The turnout and the rate at which the punch bowl was drained is a testament to how much the community craves Mike and his unparalleled vision. 


Mike will tell you about the alchemical experiments that make up his methodology or how many hours it takes to exact such intricate line work, no problem.  One thing he will not do is tell you how to see his art; that part of the process is up to the viewer. What you make of it has to be personal.  Parillo taps in to that strange space in the mind that pulls iconography, color, texture and shape together and spits them all out -- an experience that can be thrilling or frightening or both.  This collection is a little bit like a back door into the mind; what is seen there is beyond explanation, it is more of a feeling.  

As the keepers of many Parillo pieces, Asymbol is a visual map of the evolution of Mike's journey as an artist (and possibly as a human).  He never rests on what was done before and is on a constant search for ways to express his insides to the outside world; a cause that makes for heartbreakingly good art.    It was an honor to ring in the holidays with the work of Mike Parillo hanging on our walls. They will be missed when they are gone.  Like Mike as a person, his art changes the air around it and the brains of the people that behold it.  Even if just for a moment, the veil is pulled back and the dirty end of the mystery is exposed.  


Parillo taking a break from making art to make some turns at Kingfisher Heli.  Shot by @ripzinger.