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  The Grand.  PC: Chris Bezamat

"It's way more real being that close to it, the reality of how big it is, how steep it is, the shear mass of it."  Bryan Iguchi

     Perspective is everything when looking the Grand Tetons, at a distance they loom like Mordor, up close (if you can get there) they are impossibly big and humbling in a way that is beyond words.  However close you can get to these peaks the reaction is always the same, awe.  Most folks think of them as a lovely photograph or postcard that gives evidence that they have been somewhere great, a crazy few see them as a challenge.  

The Otter Body.  PC: Chris Bezamat

        In 2013 Jeremy Jones, Bryan Iguchi, Exum guide Zahan Billimoria, and the TGR filming crew, in the process of creating Jones' film Higher, began the final steps of a life long journey to snowboard the Grand.  The work that goes in to something like this begins long before you put board to snow, every factor is examined excessively, knowing that when the time comes it may not even be possible.  "We can't fool ourselves into thinking that we can eliminate the risk on a line like that."  Zahan Billimoria, as a life long mountaineer and guide for Exum, knows that the amount of variables in a trek like this create situations that are impossible to get out of.  

 A powder field on the Grand.  PC: Chris Bezamat

On December 28th Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is hosting an evening with Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Bryan Iguchi, Zahan Billimoria, and Steve Jones where the unique elements involved in creating Higher will be discussed and examined.  Join Asymbol, TGR, and JHMR for a very special event that will illuminate a part of snowboarding that is very rarely seen.  See you there! 

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We have gathered a few of the choice shots from the stunning collections of Higher photographers Jeff Curley and Andrew Miller, available here or at our Jackson Wyoming gallery.