Hit The Deck: Mr. Plant Through the Eyes of Vernon Deck December 17 2014, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

Pat Moore recently dropped by Asymbol for the premiere of the Mr. Plant Collection, featuring photography by the ultra-talented Kiwi/Swiss Vernon Deck. In this video, Pat and Travis walk through the gallery while discussing images from the Collection. Check it out.

Volcom's Mr. Plant reminds us of what snowboarding movies used be: fun, unscripted and hesh.  

By Josi Stephens

In it's truest form it is a fire poker, moving the coals around and sending sparks flying. A good flick can burn the house down.  Mr. Plant is a lean 35 odd minutes that feels like one hell of a day on the hill, and when it's over, all you want to do is f*%^king ride.

The fellas at Volcom recruited the wildly versatile and talented photographer Vernon Deck to capture still photos of the movie and capture them he did.  Narrowing down the shots to gather into a collection for Asymbol was a monster.  They are all so damn good!  Deck's lens exposes the dirt of the city and the grandiosity of the mountains with the same level of respect and creativity.  

For those of us that have already worn the DVD out, Vernon's photographs bring to life moments that beg to be re-examined.  For those of you who remember what snowboard movies used to be like and long for that time, this collection puts the kind of ink on paper that doesn't fade.  

View the complete Mr. Plant Collection.

Asymbol very, very proudly offers you the Mr. Plant Collection by Vernon Deck.

About Vernon:
"I grew up in a tiny beach town, played Rugby and raced moto-x. I dropped out of school at 16 and backpacked around Australia for 2-1/2 years. During this time I got my first camera. Somehow I wrangled a job in a Formula 1 racing team for a year. After that I moved to Switzerland and saw snowboarding for the first time, that was 1997. Since then I've been basically shooting snowboarding. I've been with Volcom for nearly 10 years now, I get to shoot with some of the most talented and interesting creatures. 
The future is what you make of it."