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There is a trusty old adage that says, "You can't know where you are going until you know where you have been."  This may be true in politics and economics, it certainly matters when building a house or choosing a car.  Art, it seems, has little need to hedge bets with history however.  This is especially the case with the work of Mike Parillo, he very rarely looks back or too far ahead.  Take a walk through the new Asymbol Art + Essentials space and you can see the evolution of an artist who clearly takes steps away from the origin towards a destination unknown.   Each of his collections bring up a whole new set of questions and emotions, Parillo never lets you rest on what is familiar.  

The 22nd of November was Mike's birthday and to celebrate him Asymbol released a piece, Dopamine Receptor, from his new collection, Extra Dopamine.  A riot of color and energy, Dopamine explores the brains response to chemistry.  The vacillation between electric and muted hues coupled with other worldly shapes creates a map of the minds many avenues and reflexes.  Parillo taps into years of experimenting with context, space, and color, the result is exciting and vibrant.  This piece offers a glimpse into the deepest parts of the human experience, blurring the lines between what we see and what we feel.  This painting invites the viewer to fully engage in an experience that is illuminating and unique, the strange beauty belongs fully to the beholder.  


There is little to link his first creations with what has been and is to come, no one will know where he goes next.  The one thread that connects Parillo's ever expanding body of work is his unquenchable need to illuminate the deepest corners of the heart and mind.  He will take you there, the rest is up to you. 



Dopamine Receptor prints are available on our website and in the Jackson Wyoming Art + Essentials space.  Please contact us with any inquiries or if you just want to chat.  We stay up late.