Plant and Harvest: The Pat Moore Curation November 19 2014, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

If Volcom's new flick Mr. Plant is an indicator of things to come, snowboarding culture is heading back to its roots.  It is shedding its day glow skin and synth pop soundtrack, growing out its beard and cutting the crap.  The winter gods are showering us with sugary snow and ushering in a new day, one that looks a lot like the old days.  

Pat Moore's rise is a sure sign that natural, cowboy riding and dirty, technical style is finding its way back.  If his bag of tricks is so fat it's because he takes the time to honor his predecessors, all the while keeping a steady eye on progression.  You will be hard pressed to meet a more humble or hardworking fella in this industry.

Mr.Plant threw down some roots at Asymbol with a Pat Moore curation of our offerings, old and new.  Moore handpicked some of his favorites, his collection reflecting his riding style, inventive and explosive.  

Take a look: Curated by Pat Moore.




"I enjoy art that pulls an emotional connection from me, whether thats a past memory, a feeling, or energy that's both positive or negative.  Sometimes those connections are direct, like my love for Parillo's piece "For Jamil" because I rode the Burton Balance where it laid as a graphic.  Other times there is just an energy to an image, like Andrew Miller's "Shangri-La" or Tim Zimmerman's "Deserted Mountain", both places I've never been but their sight makes my stomach drop.  

Different types of art litters my house and most of the time goes unnoticed, but every once in a while a piece will capture my attention and bring me to a completely different place. To me thats art's greatest attribute and why I continue to collect."  Pat Moore