The Lost Prints: Mike Blabac August 28 2014, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

We've seen it all this year at Asymbol.  Change and growth have dominated every moment of every day.  

Among all of this new ground, one thing has become clear - the road to this place has been paved by the a stellar group creative minds.  The best part about building something new out of something established is getting another look at the start.  And if you can't go to the beginning, occasionally you get lucky and the beginning comes to you. 

A few months back, a package unexpectedly landed on our doorstep.  In this box was a set of prints in perfect condition: two iconic pictures shot by Mike Blabac, legend of skateboard photography.  'Mid-Session' and 'Danny' had been tucked in the back of a San Diego warehouse for some five years.  In the shuffle of creating and nurturing what was then our new company, a portion of Blabac's contribution to Asymbol went missing.  

As they say... what goes around, comes around. Dusted off and unpacked, we proudly reintroduce 'Mid-Session' and 'Danny' by Mike Blabac.  

'Danny' was shot at the '05 X-Games in LA,  about three weeks after Danny Way had fractured his foot jumping over the Great Wall of China.  He won that year—on his broken foot.  

Colin McKay, pushing down the center of the DC ramp in Vista California, cuts a tranquil vision in 'Mid Session'.   Blabac recalls, "I remember him looking up and asking me what I was doing taking pictures of him pushing. I told him not to worry about it, that I was just having fun. But I knew that the picture would look rad. Because no one ever sees that, they only see photos of these guys in the air above it, or on the lip. And I've spent so much time in that place, shooting every part of that ramp, from every angle, I figured why not shoot a photo of the flat bottom as well?"

Limited-edition signed and numbered prints are available at and our new Art + Essentials Gallery in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.  

Learn about Mike and view his complete Asymbol collection here.