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Legacy of Disruption

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Asymbol's 'Legacy of Disruption’ exhibit explores the beating heart of snowboarding through the art, boards and riders who have come to define it.

More than anything, this show is about the intense creativity that continues to flourish within snowboarding culture. A snowboard can be a raw canvas for artistic expression, but this expression isn’t complete until a rider lays down his or her line on the mountain, literally inscribing one’s mark into the snow. 

It’s this connection between board, rider, nature and gravity that gives snowboarding its enduring, rebellious spirit.  

Asymbol Gallery | Sam Mellish

The second week of March in the Asymbol Gallery was a mind blower, a watershed moment if you will. The party started on the tenth with a private exhibition of our newest artist, Schoph Schophfield, and culminated on the 15th with a show of the snowboard art of our past, present and future. The Legacy of Disruption exhibit has been much more than just an art show, it is a lifetime of love and community packaged together for everyone to enjoy.

This event has been a grand collaboration and wouldn’t have happened without the help of many.  Asymbol would like to thank those that went way above and way beyond: Lib Technologies and Mervin MFG, Pete Saari, Hugues Beauchamp, Elf Ellefsen, Travis Rice, Adam Haynes, Alex Yoder, Scott Lenhardt, Dave Costello, Franco Snowshapes, Josh Fisher, Jackson Treehouse, Clayton Curley, Rob Kingwell, Jackson Hole Stillworks and Roadhouse Brewing. You guys rule!

 If you weren’t able to attend, no worries, we had the mega talented Sam Mellish capture the week for your viewing pleasure.  When you're done head on over to the collection and make parts of this epic show yours. Enjoy!

Approaching Storm by Jamie Lynn

2006 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn


"Sometime between ‘06 and ’08 I found a painting of an epic ship battle in a thrift store.  I did a quick review, flipped it vertically, and in my mind I saw a board graphic.  The piece is tattoo influenced, with Japanese style finger waves and a soft color harmony.  It’s peaceful but brooding, which is reflective of the title, Approaching Storm.  I left some of the original gilded frame unfinished as a subtle homage to the original.  And if you look closely you can see a sock puppet in the waves." -- Jamie Lynn

Generously on loan from Elf Ellefsen

Terje Balance Quiver by Mike Parillo

2000 Burton Terje Balance Board Series
Artwork: For Jamil by Mike Parillo

The 2000 Burton Balance board series with artwork designed by Mike Parillo stands as one the most significant graphics to ever grace the snow. Painted in memoriam of a brother taken too soon, For Jamil has done exactly what Parillo intended, kept the spirit of Jamil Khan alive in the hearts of us all. Avid collector Hugues Beauchamp very generously offered up his full Balance Board quiver for Legacy of Disruption, and the impact of all five boards together is beyond description.

Generously on loan from Hugues Beauchamp

Sam Mellish

Nothing brings the community out like free beer and stellar art.


Adam Haynes

2013 Gnu Altered Genetics


I headed out to Colorado last winter to see an old friend. I hadn't seen her in a long time, so we decided to take a road trip to some of her favorite riding spots. One of these was Silverton, which has always been high on my list of places to visit. I flew into Denver, got in the car, and we drove six hours straight to get there in time to ride the next morning.

It was a sunny semi-pow day, but the real jewel was the terrain and vibe of the place itself. I fell in love with the janky old recycled chairlift, the worn-out Phazer snowmobile half-buried in the mud, the hut at the top, and oh—that ridge line.

A few months later I was preparing a number of new paintings for a show in L.A., and I found an old solid piece of wood behind the dumpster at one of my pickin' yards. I knew what I wanted to paint on it the minute I saw it. The old paint, the expressive wood grain—it was perfect for a tribute painting to Silverton. I put all my favorite parts of that day in there. - Adam Haynes

Board generously on loan from Adam Haynes



2016 Lib Tech Banana Magic
Board: ‘Send Your Demons To The Grave’ by Schoph


The 3rd of a series I worked on last year for the first Human Nature Exhibit, an art show that myself and Kyle Maynard curated in Seattle. I wanted to bring my resin work as a series and experiment more with this type of media. The result a series of three, representing the ins and outs of the people around me, including myself and those close to me. The skulls represent the demons that I think in some way everyone has (to some its clear, to some it isn’t), the hands representing the push, the understanding and getting through to where it is good for you. -- Schoph

Generously on loan from Pete Saari/Libtech

 Jamie Whale

1994 Libtech Jamie Lynn “Whale Board”
Artwork: Jamie Lynn

This bad boy is a super rare example of Jamie Lynn’s first pro model for Lib Tech. Now the longest running pro model in snowboard history, the Whale is the board that kicked it all off.

 Board generously on loan from Pete Saari/Libtech

The Postcard - Travis Rice + Tim Tomkinson 2014


A collaboration between two of Wyoming's finest, Travis Rice and Tim Tomkinson alongside the Wyoming Office of Tourism, The Postcard is a tribute to the unique landscapes of our fine state.  This piece is made up of seven different vignettes, all telling a singular story of life in Wyoming.  Tim used his distinctive style, with a nod to the kitsch of postcards and souvenirs, to craft an unmistakable ode to our sprawling landscapes.  Originally created as a graphic for a series of handcrafted boards by Libtech, The Postcard, whether flying high or hanging on a wall, is meant to be seen.   

 Rat Tail - Jamie Lynn

#Passitonproject 2015 : Year of the Rat Tail


For 2015, Asymbol teamed up with the legendary Jamie Lynn in honor of his 20 years as a pro snowboarder to launch #passitonproject 2015, #yearoftherattail in collaboration with Lib Tech. Finally, you can get your hands on this special edition color way.

Left to right: Peter Line D23 Gwar, 1996 Terje Burton Balance 52, 1995 Burton Craig Kelly, 1995 Lib Tech Matt Cummins Pool Skater (story below), 2005 Lib Tech Travis Rice Donkephant (story below).

His board was a ground breaking concept. It spear headed twin tip freestyle snowboarding, it created a genre. To have that kind of a brick in the foundation of snowboarding is truly a special thing. Matt deserves and is owed every ounce of that brick and it’s a big one. Matt and what he stood for and the way he rode and why he rode Lib Tech made me want to ride and be a part of what he stood for as well. Throughout the years having him build such a legacy with his board, he packaged all that awesomeness up, put a nice little bow on it and handed it right off to me and for that I can’t thank him enough. I owe him everything. What I’ve been able to achieve in my career came from Matt Cummins. I don’t think he gets enough credit, so this is the opportunity, Matt, thank you so much brother. - Jamie Lynn

 Travis Rice's Donkephant Board by Quincy Quigg

2005 Lib Tech Travis Rice “Donkephant Board”
Artwork: Quincy Quigg

So the story begins around 2004, I was working in the Mervin mfg. factory laying up skateboards. I had turned in some art, and they used some on skateboards. One day Pete Sarri comes to me and says, "we got this new pro rider Travis Rice and he's got this crazy political snow graphic idea, here's his email.” Since I just rode and skated I didn't pay too much attention to the industry or who was who. I was like ok, I'm going to check out this Travis dudes footage. When I saw him ripping the mountains, and throwing down all these crazy flip variations, I was like: holy shit, dude really kills it. After emailing back and forth for a week with Travis about his graphic I felt like I had a good grasp on the situation. He spoke of elephants (republican) dropping bombs on donkeys(democrat),that were just sniffing each other's asses and not doing much, and little bugs and caterpillars (Green Party) just chilling out smoking the hookah… It was right around the election during the Bush family era and they had already done so much damage to our country and basically the whole world. We really wanted to make a statement through this board graphic, and still have it be fun, because that's what this life is all about. Fun. -- Quincy Quigg

Generously on loan from Dave Castello 

Legacy of Disruption | Sam Mellish

 Limited Edition Legacy Sticker Pack

Bryan Iguchi | Mike Parillo | Schoph | Chris Brunkhart


Ross Powers 2000/2001 by Scott Lenhardt

 2000 Burton Ross Powers, signed by Ross Powers (left)

I really like this graphic. Not only because it was located mainly on the nose of the board (a big no no for TV sponsorship placement), but because it started what would be one of my favorite collaborations to date. Ross and I worked together on five more signature models after this, including the board he rode to win Olympic gold the first year snowboarding was allowed in. That was a big one for me to see. It made my parents very proud. --Scott Lenhardt

From the Asymbol Collection

2001 Burton Ross Powers (right)

When we called Scott to see what he’d like to add to the show it turns out that not only did he do two hundred different boards for Burton but he still had every single one of them and the original art to correspond. That, dear friends, is what one would call a proper lineup.

I painted this in the summer of 2000 in a studio I was renting in Southern VT. It was the second graphic for Ross Powers and we wanted to do something darker with more mood than the first one which had a very scenic Vermont feel with fiery trees and trippy water. I wanted to sneak that graphic from the year before in it somewhere, but other than that I had no ideas for it. I was going nuts trying to come up with something and usually when I'm trying to think, I just stare out the window. There was a street light out there and at night the bats would come out and I would watch them swoop around and eat the bugs. I guess that's where the idea came from to paint a bat carrying a severed head of a mutant that was eating the board from the year before. --Scott Lenhardt

Generously on loan from Scott Lenhardt


Sam Mellish

1965 Snurfer signed by Sherman Poppin

This Snurfer, built in 1965 and signed by Sherman Poppin himself, is an artifact of snowboarding’s roots. Before there was Burton or Sims or Winterstick, there was the humble Snurfer.

Generously on loan from Mikey Franco/Franco Snowshapes

Iuna Tinta - Roxy

2016 Roxy Radiance
Artwork: Iuna Tinta

I started working with Roxy Snowboarding back in 2013. At the time I was living on Vancouver Island, far away from my Swiss origin. It was the first big job I got within the snowboard industry and also as a fully self employed artist – what a start. I wanted to include a bit of my own story into this project, as I knew this was something I would always remember. So I came up with a concept around colorful mountains, that were all located back home. The black outlines and silouette-like trees are heavily inspired by traditional Swiss paper cut and folk art.

The following model was then more focusing on free-riding and the natural playground within snowy trees.

The first model in 14/15 was at the same time the very first time the mountains emerged in my work. One could say that with this project everything kicked off. -- Iuna TInta

From the Asymbol Collection

2010 Lib Tech Attack Banana



Like all mountain ranges the Tetons seem to sit unmoving and indifferent to the human condition. Looming like Mordor in the distance these jagged peaks do crazy things to people. The Tetons sit quietly while we paint them, climb them, photograph them, worship them or any combination there of. Easily one of our most iconic pieces, Mike Parillo’s Red Tetons looms large. Just try to look away...

Generously on loan from Pete Saari/Libtech

Franco Snowshapes

Franco Snowshapes

I've spent 26 years in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I've been fortunate to watch snowboarding evolve in its own soulful way, uninterrupted by the terrain park style that dominated every big resort in the world. Big lines, backcountry pow laps and the artful expression of free riding have always been at the heart of Jackson Hole and its riders. It's what we do here.

I decided to start shaping boards after a season-ending injury that happened shortly after landing in Tokyo years ago. THis is when I met Taro Tomai, the founder of the legendary Japanese brand Gentemstick. This meeting changed my life. The beauty, the curves, the finish and the intentional design of Taros shapes was what I had been looking for for a long, long time. This is what snowboarding was destined to be, I thought. At that moment I had a new mission: to bring the Gentem style of "snowsurf" to the U.S., only with a uniquely American take and an American made board.

From Japan I headed home to begin a lifelong pursuit of shaping snowboards. I began my apprenticeship under the guidance of Michael Parris and Mot Gatehouse of the infamous Igneous Ski Factory in Jackson Hole. After training four years under Michaels's guidance, I set out on my own. I now design, shape, and finish my boards at the Maiden Factory, also located in Jackson Hole.

Generously on loan Mikey Franco, Founder & Shaper 

 Schoph Originals

They Have Gold in their Eyes; They Speak a Language of Lies (left), The Wise Man And the Fool (right)


Bryan Iguchi Arbor

2016 Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Model, signed by Bryan Iguchi
Artwork: Bryan Iguchi


Inspired by the graphic that I did for the Jackson Hole Snowboarder Mag. The art for the board was derived from the natural process of nature, following the hydrological cycle and the landscape around me. It is always amazing to work with Arbor, they are incredibly open to new ideas and very supportive of the artistic side of board making. -
- Bryan Iguchi

Generously on loan from Bryan Iguchi

 Ian Walsh (Walsh Brothers)

The Walsh brothers flew all the way from Hawaii to view the exhibit (or at least that's what we are telling ourselves).


2014 Libtech TRS (right)
Artwork: Carl E. Smith


Carl E. Smith is a master of symbolism, a creator of mind bending imagery and a wildly dedicated promoter of all art. The 2014 TRS board is a stunning riot that shows how one must, as Carl says, “confront death in order to see life.”

Generously on loan from Pete Saari/Libtech

Mike Parillo | Travis Rice

2009 Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Model


1. The natural sequence through which water passes into the atmosphere as water vapor, precipitates to earth in liquid or solid form, and ultimately returns to the atmosphere through evaporation.

Board generously on loan from Travis Rice

Jamie Lynn

2007 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn


This graphic has undoubtedly become as iconic in snowboarding as the artist and legend himself. The use of negative space and his cat Cole in this piece have, in his words, made it one of his all time favorite board graphics. This is Jamie at his best, with elegant curves, a subject matter that's easy on the eyes, his straightforward approach, and vibrant color.

From the Asymbol Collection


Gentem Stick

Original Gentemstick designed by Taro Tamai in 1998


The shape is the most essential factor in board design. The beauty of snowboard design is to create an ideal three-dimensional curve resulting from a harmonizing outline, bottom-line and the actual warping of the board when riding it. Gentem's commitment is to create a shape that allows a smooth and stable ride whether in powder or on packed snow. In order to realize this concept, they have adopted classical designs, such as swallowtails, which were already established in the '70s, and modern designs driven by their own experiences. The core wood is made of a combination of soft maple, bass wood and walnut. 

 Generously on loan from Alex Yoder

From start to finish the Legacy show has been a dream come true. The depth of our community and it's commitment to the culture of art in snowboarding is beyond description and without a doubt this was one the most amazing things that we have been involved with. Asymbol heartily thanks every single person involved with making this fantasy come true. 

Check out the complete Legacy Of Disruption collection here.  


Chris Brunkhart