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Pass it On Project


Passitonproject Sticker Pack


The #passitonproject is about so much more than getting to ride a one of a kind snowboard. At its core, it's a collective art project that we're ALL able to participate in.

Here's how: Get your #passitonproject sticker and Instagram photos using the hash tag #passitonproject.

The best photos will be selected for inclusion in the #passitonproject Instagram gallery on Asymbol.co -- the more interesting and artistic, the better your chances of being selected.

That's it, that's all...let's see what you got.


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about the artist


The #passitonproject began in 2013 with a simple idea: what if we set Travis Rice's personal snowboard free into the world, to be passed from rider to rider? Where would it go? What would people do with it? 

For 2015, we're honoring the legendary Jamie Lynn and his 20 years of professional snowboarding. Learn more about the #passitonproject.

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