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Nevados De Chillian, Chile, 2013
Rider: Alex Yoder

Sunsets in Chile are like nowhere else in the world. This being my first trip down south I had only heard stories and wasn't sure what to expect. After getting skunked with over a week of high pressure and abnormally high temps in mountains just out of Santiago, Forrest Shearer, Alex Yoder and I initiated a last minute pursuit of powder 8 hours south. After a long nights drive we woke up to a winter wonderland and spent the next five days exploring Nevados de Chillan and all that it has to offer. The last night of the trip we opted to try and catch a famous sunset waiting on top of Volcan Nevados for the show to start. As things ramped up the colors went full mental and so did we. We had kind of frantic dance to get the shot lined up.  Forrest dropped first and went outta of frame totally missing the shot. I remember screaming at Yoder to go farther down and faster as the colors were peaking and he luckily nailed the right slash. The feel you get after basking in the glow of something like this is hard to explain or even capture in a image. A sunset of this vibrance and magnitude could only be fitting to happen in the pacific Ring of Fire.

Die Cut Sticker Pack: Ring of Fire

Andrew Miller

Made in-house at Asymbol, this die-cut sticker is printed on premium, fade resistant vinyl.

It used to be that the only way to get an Asymbol die-cut sticker was with a print purchase, but no longer. We've tested these stickers in subzero temps and the most blazing summer sun, and they just keep going strong. 

Available as a Four Pack:

  • two 3.5" die cut stickers
  • two 5.5" die cut stickers


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    Andrew Miller

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Andrew Miller was born in one of five Blue Zones across the world, Loma Linda, California, a part of SoCal where you can surf, skateboard and snowboard all in the same day.  

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