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Day of the Guch

Bryan Iguchi

Designed by Bryan Iguchi  

Made in-house at Asymbol, this die-cut sticker is printed on premium, fade resistant vinyl.

It used to be that the only way to get an Asymbol die-cut sticker was with a print purchase, but no longer. We've tested these stickers in subzero temps and the most blazing summer sun, and they just keep going strong. 

Pack Incudes:

  • one - 7" x 5.8" Original Splatter, one - 3.7" x 3" Gold & one - 3.7" x 3" stickers


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    about the artist

    Bryan Iguchi

    Jackson, Wyoming

    “Water evaporates
    Clouds form
    Life begins
    A snowstorm atop high peaks falls heavy
    Settles, melts
    Flows through tributaries
    into rivers
    Then finds the sea and returns to the air...

    This process we follow,
    This cycle we ride”... 

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