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Original: acrylic & resin on canvas, 2015

The current work of mine focuses on glaciers and the rock formations they leave behind. This interest in how the alpine landscape has been shaped, emerged due to the dramatic climate change which has become very real and visual in the disappearance of the glaciers world wide. A glacier is a very powerful and relentless force that shapes entire landscapes, but at the same time it is extremely fragile and exposed to these climatic changes. My idea is to make these two strong contrasts visible through solid and bold shapes that encounter liquid and fragile elements.

Featured Piece from the Emergency Exhibit: Redux

As riders of snow, water and dirt, our connection to the earth is strong. We who live outside understand clearly that this planet is in a state of emergency. For Asymbol artist Iuna Tinta, it’s the radical changes she's witnessed in her beloved Swiss mountains that give cause for alarm. From bi-polar winters to rapidly-melting glaciers in bare mountains that once held summer snow, Iuna’s inspiration is drawn from landscapes that are actively transforming around her.

By shining a light on the beauty of what we have and heartbreak of what we're losing, Iuna Tinta’s art heralds a thundering call-to-action. No longer is it okay to sit idle while the world around us sounds its alarm bells. This is an emergency.

Luminous Lights

iuna tinta

21" x 17"
Embossed, Open Edition

36" x 29"
25 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on metallic photo paper

$85.00 - $325.00

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about the artist

iuna tinta


iuna tinta is a bridge between illustration and art, with a pinch of typography thrown in.

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