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Original: Acrylics & ink on Canvas

These mountains are alive, towering into the sky – the pure evidence of our earth changing its surface. A glimpse of the relativity of time, right here and now. These rocks have seen days, nights, fire and water. From the deepest bottom of the ocean to the highest peaks – they have been it all. Home to a universe of biospheres and yet all one. They are shifting, moving always changing. Nothing is lasting, except for the quiet change itself.

Koma Kulshan

iuna tinta

17" x 12.5"
Embossed, Open Edition

24" x 17.5"
100 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

44" x 31"
50 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

34.433" x 23.622"
Acrylics & ink on Canvas

$75.00 - $395.00

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about the artist

iuna tinta


iuna tinta is a bridge between illustration and art, with a pinch of typography thrown in.

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